Care Homes

Fire protection need not be a vulnerable matter

In relation to fire safety, special consideration must be given to those at considerable risk – children, disabled persons and those with impairments or special needs. Legal requirements stipulate that all care homes must conduct a Fire Risk Assessment, and once risks are identified, the ‘responsible person’, whether it be the owner or facilities manager, is accountable for ensuring that fire safety standards are adhered to.

Kellaway Commercial can investigate pressure points identified by Fire Risk Assessments, carry out comprehensive fire safety surveys and produce detailed reports outlining advisories to compliance. Following investigation, Kellaway Commercial’s skilled team can actively support with overcoming challenges and rectifying issues.

Effective identification and management of fire safety risks will significantly reduce the likelihood of fire causing detrimental damage to property or posing a threat to life. Kellaway Commercial has a reputation as a trusted passive fire protection partner, with extensive experience in conducting comprehensive surveys on firestopping and fire door compliance, in addition to carrying out responsive and routine fire safety maintenance and offering general building maintenance support.