No time for playtime regarding fire safety

Like many other buildings that are accessed by communities, schools and other education facilities are required to proactively maintain fire safety. The school head teacher or ‘Responsible Person’ is accountable for taking the necessary steps to protect pupils and staff in the event of a fire, ensuring fire protection measures are adequate, inspected and maintained.

Fire doors serve two core purposes during a fire, preventing the spread of fire and smoke, and opening to provide means of escape. High risk areas such as catering facilities, server rooms and ICT suites require particular protection. Inadequate maintenance of fire doors could result in a breach and increased risk of fire spread, smoke damage and most importantly risk to life. A poorly maintained fire door could be the difference between a hold open device serving its purpose and closing a door when activated, or staying open allowing fire spread.

Kellaway Commercial is experienced in completing comprehensive fire surveys and providing advisories on passive fire protection, specialising in fire door installation and maintenance. The team is skilled in maintaining passive fire protection in existing school buildings in addition to the design and install of fire doors in new school buildings as specified by the ‘Building Bulletin: design for fire safety in schools’.