Approved Fire Doors

Third Party accredited fire door installers and maintainers.

Approved fire doors from Kellaway Commercial

There is a legal requirement for those responsible for buildings under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005, to ensure that all fire doors retain the ability to resist the passage and spread of smoke and fire.

Kellaway Commercial Limited is certified with the Exova BM Trada Q-Mark fire door maintenance scheme which gives clients the confidence and assurance fire door maintenance is carried out by a suitably qualified professional to a standard that provides longevity to the operational performance of fire doors.

Kellaway Commercial Limited provides a traceable chain of custody from test evidence to manufacture and installation.

Fire door services

Kellaway Commercial Limited offers a complete package of fire door services including:

Fire door installation

Fire door inspections

Fire door repairs

Fire door upgrades

Fire door maintenance

Fire stopping

Fire Door Inspection Surveys

Comprehensive fire door inspection surveys by Kellaway Commercial Limited verify that the fire door, frame, associated ironmongery and glazing, are correctly fitted and in good working order, ensuring their condition does not compromise the integrity and operation of the fire door. Following the inspection, a detailed report is issued which highlights any immediate repairs required or adjustments needed in accordance with Exova BM Trada Accepted Repair Techniques (ARTs).

Architrave Survey (Optional)

If required, Kellaway Commercial Limited will remove the architraves to assess if the correct fire stopping materials between the door frame and substructure are in place and correctly installed. A report will be issued to highlight any repairs or adjustments needed.

What if you get it wrong?

This video illustrates the catastrophic consequences of getting it wrong